UFC Vegas athlete had a DM convo with Mark Zuckerberg after

Viacheslav Borshchev and Mike Davis squared off in the first match of the UFC Vegas 61 main event. With two judges giving the Davis the win via 30-26 score, Davis was able to overwhelm his opponent with his superior grappling and win by decision.

The event’s had been closed to the public and featured Meta CEO and his coworkers, family and friends. Many athletes were dismayed due to the fact that even their families weren’t welcome in the APEX which was ‘closed to the public’ despite Dana White shooting down rumors that Zuckerberg had rented the event.

Mark Zuckerberg was so moved by Davis’ performance that he congratulated Davis through Instagram Direct Message.

According to Mackenzie Dern, Mark Zuckerberg and his crew leased out the whole UFC Apex. Dana White refuted the allegations in a tweet, however.

The creator of Facebook wrote to Mike Davis as follows:

“Congrats on the win tonight. Incredibly impressive performance and conditioning.”

A snapshot of the exchange was posted by Mike Davis, who also revealed that Zuckerberg had followed him on social media:

“Dope, and he followed me.”

Davis might’ve been star struck by the billionaire but that doesn’t change the financial realities of competing in the UFC. That same Mike Davis tried to auction off a spot in his corner ahead of the event for just $10,000.

“I’m entertaining the idea of a sponsorship opportunity. $10K and you will be in my corner. Better seat than Dana White. Behind the scenes of UFC. Visits to the P.I. Meet and greet all fighters. Weight cut experience, weigh in experience, walk out experience. Get to go inside the octagon post fight and more.”

UFC veteran Ilir Latifi even tried asking for an extra bonus from the billionare audience. Latifi’s censored speech was posted on UFC’s channel but in reality he also asked for a bonus from Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg is the only person that had an event be closed over them. Many Hollywood stars and even a former president were in attendance at various open UFC events.


Recently, videos of Mark Zuckerberg training Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts have surfaced online, indicating that he is a huge lover of the sport.

With his most recent triumph at UFC Vegas 61, Mike Davis was able to increase the number of victories in his career to 10. Davis was was successful in winning by unanimous decision against his opponent, Viacheslav Borshchev.

Borshchev was a very difficult opponent to defeat, and Davis did his hardest to knock him out.

Halfway through the first round, Davis delivered a knee to his opponent’s jaw. Borshchev seemed to have been instantly knocked out. But before the referee intervened, he recovered soon enough to defend himself.