UFC Vegas 63 Highlights: Dolidze finishes Hawes with a heel hook looking kneebar variation and then face plants him

UFC Vegas 63 ended with a injury induced TKO but it more than delivered with exciting submissions. Besides Tresean Gore’s impressive guillotine finish, there was also something UFC fans hadn’t seen before.

Roman Dolidze finished Phil Hawes with a very interesting heel hook variation that looked more like a kneebar at first.

Both Dolidze and Hawes came into the event riding high on a victory on the UFC Austin card earlier this year.

About two minutes into round one, Hawes attempted a duck under takedown and got to the back of Dolidze. Dolidze opted to go to closed guard. He did the brunt of damage with nasty elbows from the bottom straight to the top of Hawes’ head.

His initial instinct was to go for an armbar from there but once Hawes started defending he instead tried to go for a kneebar – or at least that’s what it looked like from the outside. As the submission advanced it was more apparent that the submission was more of a heel hook because it was clear Hawes’ knee was gone.

Roman backed off thinking this was it however ref inexplicably let the event continue with Hawes dragging his limp leg behind.

30 seconds into this disgrace, Hawes somewhat readjusted but the leg gave out as soon as Hawes ate a couple of massive hooks. He was out cold on the canvas with the official result of Roman Dolidze def. Phil Hawes by KO, Round 1, 4:09.

Dolidze was jovial afterwards and credited Michael Bisping with being his lucky charm.

“That’s two knockouts in a row now. What changed?” Bisping pondered.
“There is a secret, you know. The secret is you. The last time I wrestled group boys said “None would like this guy because of his grappling.” Said, OK Bisping/ I will do this for you in last two fights. I was searching for you. That’s why there was a big guy commentating.”