UFC title Contender Carla Esparza kicks off wedding festivities during Namajunas fight-camp

UFC title Contender Carla Esparza is the next big headliner – she will be headlining UFC 274 in an attempt to dethrone Rose Namajunas. The May 7th UFC card is on schedule for now – but Esparza isn’t letting it derail her personal life.

She was recently spotted enjoying her bachelorette party alongside many of her friends.

Esparza explained her decision to not move her wedding date despite being in camp:

“Fight and wedding are one week apart ??? ??. When I was offered this fight date, I immediately said yes. There was no hesitation. This fight would take priority over everything, I was even willing to change my wedding date knowing that my fiancé, friends, and family would understand.
Well, since the wedding is the week after the fight, I had a choice to make. And to be honest, I was really struggling with the decision of whether or not to change my wedding date. Everyone wants to look and feel beautiful on their wedding day. I went to my fiancé, and what he told me sealed my decision. He said, “honey, if you have bumps or bruises, that’s perfectly ok with me, I knew what I signed up for when I asked a fighter to marry me. It’s part of your job. I think you are so beautiful, but I am not marrying you just for your beauty. I’m marrying you for <insert mushy stuff lol>.” I am just so grateful to have this support from my amazing fiancé Matt. Te amo mi amor , can’t wait to marry you❤️”

This won’t be the first time Esparza is facing Namajunas, she previously clashed with the current strawweight champion back on TUF and emerged victorious. This is one of the reasons Namajunas was eager to face Esparza over Joanna or Weili Zhang. Esparza is one of the rare competitors in that division with a pure wrestling pedigree. Despite that many question her capabilities when it comes to ground work – due to the fact Esparza trains at 10th Planet jiu jitsu.

10th planet prong of bjj focuses on nogi – but has many fundamental gaps that need addressing. Namajunas is likely to be able to exploit those in process.

UFC 274 is scheduled for May 7th. Currently on the card are Oliveira vs. Justin Gaethje, Michael Chandler and Tony Ferguson and more.