UFC star shares “schizophrenic” video of himself showering with an AK-47

Sean Strickland is now widely known as an eccentric. Strickland hasn’t been shying away from his flamboyant personality and is sharing his kooky character on the daily.

Strickland is renowned for his verbal outbursts on social media and during UFC news conferences. The American star’s social media profiles have already been disabled due to his strong opinions on transgender persons and a variety of other problematic topics, despite certain fans admiring his distinctive persona.

The 31-year-old had already crossed the line when he launched into a diatribe against transgender individuals back in May, which led to his Twitter suspension. Fans sounded the horn when Strickland shared a video of himself taking a shower while holding an AK-47.

Strickland said:

“I’m gonna give you guys some advice. Showering with your AK is the most f*****g American thing you can do. It’s not f*****g weird.”

He then amended the caption to read: “Lesson number 3 in my ‘tactical’ course. You always, always shower with your AK. She likes to be dirty, but not that dirty.”

The most recent post was instantly met with a flurry of worrying remarks from fans. One of whom wrote “Certified schizophrenic.” Another person wrote, “This might be the most Sean Strickland thing I’ve yet to see.”

One more comment read, “Dangerous Sean want to get banned? Lol.” Other fans were quick to point out that the AK-47 was a weapon made in the Soviet Union.

One person commented, “Yup, nothing more American than showering with your Russian-made rifle.”

Earlier last week, Sean Strickland detailed a chance encounter he had with Aspen Ladd’s fiance/coach Jim West.

In a video he posted on his social media he detailed:

“I wish it just happened to me. Right. I’m leaving the P.I.. This guy walks up to me, goes, “Hello, Sean. My name is Jim West.” And I’m thinking, Oh, man, me and this dude are about to scrap in front of the P.I. and I start getting excited. But then he’s really f*cking cool to me, and I’m like, Oh, well, now this is awkward because I thought, we’re going to f*cking fight anyways.”

“So he comes up to me, he’s like, “Well, Sean, you know, I heard what you said, and I was a former detective.” Like, that means f*ck anything, you shady bastard. “I was a former detective and I did not know, Aspen Ladd until she was 18. ” And I’m like, Yeah, I know dude I’m not going to get into this, but like it’s f*cking questionable and I’m still going to f**king talk s*it because it needs to happen.”

“And then I go have a good one and I walk away anyways. But now, since I was reminded of the situation. Jim West. She was training at your gym at 14 or 15 years old, right. We can say this is true. And at some point she turned 18 and this girl you had no idea existed, she turned 18.”

“And you’re like, you know what? Now I’m going to put my penis in her and make her my girlfriend. Now, that sounds like grooming to me. But again, you also had no idea who she was, and she just put out really f*cking fast. So, I mean, sounds like grooming, but who knows?”

And Strickland isn’t wrong. We did a deep dive on this exact topic and unearthed the following:

  • Ladd claims she started training at MMA Gold when she was 15
  • MMAGold co-founder claimed Ladd started training with them when she was 17 in a different interview.
  • Jim West made a post on his own social media- claiming that he’s worked with Ladd as far back as 2011 (she trained BJJ for a couple of years prior to starting MMA). Ladd would’ve been 16 in 2011.