UFC star Says He Wants To Get Wife Pregnant, Become A Police officer and save America in unhinged speech

UFC’s Renato Moicano has etched his name in the annals of UFC history with what could be deemed as the most eccentric interview after match to date. This Brazilian powerhouse showcased not only his prowess in the octagon but also his unfiltered emotions and future aspirations.

In the recent showdown at UFC Vegas 85, Renato Moicano secured victory in a gripping match against Drew Dober. He ended up claiming the win through a unanimous decision.

After the match, Moicano took the spotlight with a speech that quickly went viral. Amidst the cheers and applause for his victory, he shared a surprising personal detail—his 62-year-old father had just welcomed a new addition to the family. Moicano declared his intention to replicate this familial joy, expressing his plan to expand his own family.

He said: “My father is 62 years old and had a baby yesterday, and I’m telling him tomorrow when I get home, I’m getting my wife pregnant again.”

Beyond the personal revelations, Renato Moicano took the opportunity to unveil his unique aspirations beyond the UFC. He disclosed his desire to transition into law enforcement, specifically aiming to become a SWAT team member once he acquires U.S. citizenship.

Moicano’s statement after the match took an unexpected turn as he passionately expressed his commitment to law enforcement. He boldly stated his intent to “kill the bad guys” and prevent the nation from descending into chaos.

The UFC star articulated his vision for a better America, emphasizing the need for people to adhere to laws and morality. Moicano’s impassioned plea for respect for the law and a return to traditional values highlighted his genuine concern for the future of the nation.

He said: “After I’m done with fighting, I will serve as a police officer, I want to be SWAT team, I want to f—ing kill the bad guys, make no mistake, there is right and there is f—ing wrong and people are forgetting about that, people are going crazy, that’s why I want more kids, I want people to go to the church, and I want people to respect the f—ing law, otherwise this great country will become a third world country.”