UFC star points out BSD likely has staph on his forehead ahead of UFC 299 clash with Poirier

Benoit Saint Denis is currently gearing up for his upcoming clash against Dustin Poirier at UFC 299. However, an unexpected challenge has surfaced as Saint Denis grapples with an ailment, raising eyebrows and concerns in the MMA community.

As the co-headliner of UFC 2024’s third pay-per-view event at the Kaseya Center in Miami, Saint Denis has all eyes on him. Therefore, the conspicuous nature of this injury has become a focal point. This has ignited speculations that it might be a possible staph infection.

Even UFC lightweight Renato Moicano has been involved in the speculation surrounding Saint Denis’ forehead condition. Moicano took to social media to gauge public opinion on whether the reported infection could impact the outcome of the upcoming bout.

Fan responses varied widely. Some fans expressed unwavering confidence in Saint-Denis, while others voiced concern over the potential impact of the visible wound on his performance.

One fan dismissed the concern, stating: “It doesn’t change the fight because Dustin was always going to dominate.”

Another expressed concern, saying: “That’s gross. He shouldn’t fight with that.”

Another comment read: “Ian Garry just kissed him on the forehead, it’s all good.”

In a display of humor and confidence, a fan mentioned: “This guy killed 16 Chechen rebels single handed, he can deal with it.”

Despite the buzz surrounding Saint Denis’ forehead condition, he remains the favored contender in the betting odds. This comes as no surprise, considering his impressive track record. This includes a first-round KO victory over Matt Frevola at UFC 295 last November.

Despite facing a setback in his promotional debut against Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos at UFC 257 in 2021, Saint Denis has displayed remarkable resilience. Currently on a quest for his sixth consecutive win, he is poised to overcome challenges and emerge victorious.

In a recent interview with ESPN MMA, Benoit Saint Denis shed light on his mental preparedness as he approaches the highly anticipated UFC 299 clash with Dustin Poirier.

Saint Denis emphasized his focused mindset and determination: “We are getting higher in intensity. Higher and higher. The heat is starting to play on the whole body and the mind. And then I think about nothing. I’m like a machine, and I just enjoy the moment and let every mistake and everything go right through me like nothing. And I’m just concentrating on one thing : destroying my opponent. “