UFC star Paddy Pimblett claims footage proves Jake Paul boxing bout was “fixed”

Paddy Pimblett has been dismissive of the Paul brothers recently but he just made a particularly interesting claim.

After seeing a video of Jake Paul’s most recent victory against Anderson Silva, Paddy Pimblett said that the bouts were rigged.

Paddy is currently in the process of slimming down to face Jared Gordon in the octagon at UFC 282.

Pimblett was previously on the record saying his earnings outside of the cage topped his UFC pay – which makes it all the more interesting he’s now attacking a major influencer.

Pimblett expressed a belief  that Jake Paul’s victory over Tyron Woodley in December was real. However, he wasn’t persuaded by his triumph over Silva in July.

Pimblett contends that video evidence proves Paul’s knock down punch didn’t even connect, proving the bout was staged. Pimblett said he is not a fan of YouTube boxing, with the exception of Paul.

Pimblett spoke on MOLA TV. He said,

“I give Jake Paul his due now he’s training that much he probably could beat some professional boxers. Because he’s got that much money, he’s got unlimited funds and he hasn’t got to do anything else, he hasn’t got to go and do a job all he’s got to do is box.”

“He gets the best coaches in, the best nutritionists in and stuff like that, Jake Paul is actually not that bad now, even though I think his fights are fixed.” When presenter Alan Brazil questioned Pimblett about whether he really believed the battles were manipulated, the fighter added: “Yeah, but I don’t think the Tyron Woodley knockout was fixed.”

“When you get knocked out like that and you land face first, if you’re not unconscious you’d go [put your arms out], you can’t help it that’s a human reaction. I seen an angle of a punch he hit Anderson Silva with the other day where he sat down and he didn’t even hit him.”

Paul has had to refute claims that he fixed bouts.

Dillon Danis previously spread rumors that Paul had forced Woodley to agree to a “no knockout clause” before their first bout last year.

Paul said, “Look, it’s a bunch of losers trying to make s*** up to get in the headlines and to get reporters to ask about that exact question and put their name into the mix so they can get a little bit of clout.”

“Having a ‘no knockout clause’ in a contract – I’ve never heard of that. It’s highly illegal, I would be in jail.”

“That’s like rigging a fight. I would be in prison if that was a real thing. It’s all nonsense, it’s all bulls*** and they got exactly what they wanted out of it, which was for people to mention their name.”

UFC commentator Joe Rogan debunked Pimblett’s claims recently explaining how Paul knocked down Silva and why the camera didn’t capture the strike saying:

“Jake Paul. He’s a young man and he deserves respect.”

“Beat Anderson Silva, knocked him down. It was wild as f***”

“Yeah. And by the way, we should point something out. Some people are trying to say that that fight was fixed because of the knockdown.”

“If you please if you find that, there’s a video where people are questioning, I just want to explain to people, this is what happened. He, Anderson, move forward to Jake Paul and Jake. Paul hit him with sort of a stepping jab and caught him right on the chin.”

“And when he caught him on the chin, Anderson Silva was falling backwards. And then he leans away from the right hand and he goes down. ”

“He was down from the punch, but it looks like the right hand doesn’t connect and doesn’t connect. But the left hand is what f***ed him up.”

“That left! That dude hits f***ing hard. And for anybody to say he doesn’t hit hard because he’s a YouTube star. If this guy was not a f***ing YouTube star and he was some dude who went out there and flatlined Tyron Woodley with one punch? And just knocked down Anderson Silva in the f***ing eighth round, right?”

“Dropped him. I mean, that is legit as f*** anybody. “