UFC star channels DMX, begins barking at opponent just before KO win at UFC 294

Anshul Jubli’s much-anticipated UFC debut left fans wanting as he faced off against Mike Breeden at UFC 294, ultimately succumbing to a knockout. Despite his confident stride during the walkout, Jubli couldn’t secure a victory against Breeden.

Representing India, Anshul Jubli carried the weight of a nation’s expectations. India is known for its untapped potential in the world of MMA, and saw in Jubli a rising star.

The first round of the match witnessed both contenders treading cautiously, exchanging only a handful of strikes in the octagon’s center.

The second round unveiled a different Jubli, one who took command and showcased impressive prowess by landing a series of shots. He ended up giving Jubli a particularly nasty cut over Breeden’s left eye. Though Breeden capitalized on opportunities and connected with shots, Jubli undeniably dominated the round.

The third and final round unfolded as a surprise, leaving the audience in awe. Breeden seized control, striding confidently toward Jubli and unleashing a barrage of powerful blows. Breeden then vociferously taunted his opponent while landing punches.

Jubli then took a right and fell to the ground as Breeden joyously celebrated his KO victory.

As the match approached, Mike Breeden carried the weight of a three-bout losing streak. On the other hand, Anshul Jubli stood as the crowd’s favorite to emerge victorious. The bout unfolded as anticipated until the final round, where Jubli lost his focus and ultimately the match.

There was a surge in fan reactions on Twitter following this riveting bout. MMA enthusiasts were electrified by Breeden’s comeback, particularly commending his bold taunts towards Jubli before delivering the decisive blow. Fans also humorously suggested that Jubli’s downfall was triggered by Breeden’s unorthodox psychological tactics.

Some of the comments were as follows:

“Breeden is barking at Jubli wtf 😭”

“Breeden is an animal wow 😲 #UFC294”

“Breeden is starting to tee off on Jubli now

I think the barking scared him #UFC294”