(Video) UFC featherweight Bryce Mitchell wants to defend Candace Owens from Ben Shapiro

In a bold and provocative statement, UFC featherweight Bryce Mitchell has publicly declared his intention to defend conservative commentator Candace Owens from what he perceives as potential threats from Ben Shapiro, a fellow conservative pundit.

Mitchell’s inflammatory remarks, made in a recent podcast appearance, have sparked controversy and drawn attention to the ongoing feud between Shapiro and Owens.

During the podcast, Mitchell launched a scathing attack on Shapiro, labeling him a “b*tch” and accusing him of dehumanizing Muslims and advocating for war. “He’s saying these people aren’t human. They’re heathens. That’s him justifying his want to go bomb them. They’re humans, dummy,” Mitchell exclaimed.

Mitchell’s ire was particularly directed at Shapiro’s perceived hypocrisy, suggesting that the pundit was more interested in advocating for military intervention than taking personal action. “How come Ben Shapiro, since he’s all about this war, how come he don’t sign up for the army because he’s a b*tch?” Mitchell asked rhetorically.

The UFC featherweight’s primary concern, however, was the protection of Owens, whom he vowed to defend against any perceived threats from Shapiro. “If you mess with Candace Owens, I promise you, if you lay one little greasy finger on Candace Owens, I’m going to beat your a*s,” Mitchell warned.

Mitchell’s language was unapologetically aggressive, with the star boasting that he would “roll up on” Shapiro with the (podcast host) “twins” by his side, implying a physical confrontation.

While Mitchell’s words have been widely shared and criticized online, it remains to be seen whether Shapiro will respond to the UFC fighter’s provocative statements. One thing is certain, however: the ongoing feud between Shapiro, Owens, and Mitchell is far from resolved.

In related news, Candace Owens has yet to publicly respond to Mitchell’s comments, but it is unclear whether she will address the issue in a future statement or public appearance.