UFC star calls out Liver King on his latest lie

Liver King, also known as Brian Johnson, is once again making headlines after claiming to be natural for almost two months.

The influencer, who was previously exposed for PED abuse to the tune of $10,000 a month, took to Instagram to share this update with his followers. However, his claims have been met with skepticism and criticism from the fitness community and UFC stars.

Liver King in 2013
Liver King in 2013

Liver King had claimed to be free of any PEDs for a month. Despite this, he continued to maintain his unreal physique, leading to doubts about the authenticity of his claims.

UFC’s Terrance McKinney and former welterweight and Nate Diaz’s training partner Jake Shields were among the notable figures who reacted to Liver King’s claims.

A fitness influencer on Twitter shared a tweet that read, “If you believe he’s 2 months natty I have magic fat loss pills to sell you”.

This tweet drew responses from many, including Jake Shields, who responded with a witty comment about eating raw cow balls. Terrance McKinney also chimed in, claiming that Liver King’s physique served no utility at all.

Despite the huge criticisms that Liver King has faced, his recent claims have only added to the skepticism surrounding his credibility.

Many fitness enthusiasts have called his statement a blatant lie. It is evident that Liver King, known for his controversial lifestyle, has failed to re-gain the trust of the fitness world.

Despite his controversial lifestyle, Liver King continues to remain in the limelight and attract attention from media outlets and social media platforms. However, it is clear that he has failed to gain the trust of the fitness world, and his credibility remains questionable.