UFC signs youngest athlete ever after a win at DWCS

UFC signed 17-year-old mixed martial artist following his performance on this week’s Dana White Contender Series episode. This makes him the youngest ever signee for UFC- he is 333 days younger than Chase Hooper.

Dana White seemed to be highly impressed by the performance of the young MMA prospect.

Raul Rosas came up with a show-stealing performance on DWCS, where he scored a unanimous decision victory over Mando Gutierrez.

Most UFC fans might be curious to know what brings this young mixed martial artist to DWCS.

Rosas previously competed in the UWC promotion in Tijuana.


The bantamweight had a professional record consisting of six wins and zero losses before coming to DWCS.

Rosas finished all his opponents in those six wins. He dominated his 25-year-old opponent at DWCS and nearly finished him in the first round, but Mando somehow survived.

Raul Rosas showed excellent grappling skills throughout his bout against Gutierrez and remained dominant for the majority of time during the bout.

Dana White became a fan of Raul Rosas and signed him immediately after the episode. He labeled Rosas’ performance as special while talking to reporters after the event. He stated,

“I’ve never seen anything like i,”

“He’s absolutely, positively talented. He’s special. He’s different.”

Rosas Jr was quite excited to get the contract offer which he immediately accepted. He was sure his performance in this event would bring him to the UFC. Rosas is confident that he will be UFC champion when he turns 20. He said,

“I knew I was going to get that contract,” Rosas Jr told reporters after the win. “I’ve been saying it since the beginning. Since I was born, I knew this was going happen.”

“Everybody shouldn’t be surprised. I’m the new king in here, so I’m coming for that belt now. I’m going to be champion when I’m 20. Respect to everybody, but I’m going to be champion when I’m 20, or even earlier. Nobody is going to stop me.”

People wonder if Rosas Jr is too young to compete in a UFC ring. Dana White cleared all the air and refuted that Rosas is too young for UFC:

“Both guys pushed themselves as hard as they could. And for a 17-year-old to conduct himself the way he did in this, I was blown away by it. Blown away.”

“Not off what I just saw. After what I just saw, this kid is ready”

“I’m very, very impressed with this kid. He’s absolutely special.” He added.