UFC signed Florida’s infamous street brawler Sedriques Dumas

With the evolution of Mixed martial arts most amateur brawlers can’t keep up with seasoned talent. Nowadays you need a pretty big history in combat sports just to have a skill to fall back on when all else fails.

Still there are some street brawlers that can still make it into big leagues. Notable examples of this trope are Kimbo Slice, Jorge Masvidal and now new addition Sedriques Dumas.

Masvidal got his start in Kimbo Slice’s promotion – and Dumas got his start at Masvidal’s Ikon championship.

Dumas is 7-0 in MMA with 9 confirmed amateur bouts (1 loss).

With his performance on Dana White’s Contender’s Series (DWCS) back in August of this year, Sedriques Dumas made a big impression on the MMA world.

He was able to get a UFC deal because of his DWCS submission win against Matej Penaz in the first round. Thus, it seems like Dumas will finally make his UFC main roster debut soon.

The 27-year-old discussed his objectives in a Full Send MMA interview. The deadly Florida street veteran also revealed when he’ll fight for the UFC for the first time.

Dumas said,

“it started, like, five years ago, bro. Just from, you know, just messing around in the backyard. Like I said, I was 250lbs, and it’s kind of just I’m in my home Let’s start like doing these backyard fights at McDonald parking lot, at the church, in the hood, you know, stuff like that.”

“So we kind of just like took off with it and it was more so like, okay, let’s keep promoting it. Well, we promoted it so much that the police came though. They came by like 45 cars that I was having got them gang initiation and dang, we was like, bro, we just out here fighting and the sh*t. So like they stood there for about 30 minutes and s*it and we had to wait for the police and go and we kept fighting.”

“I was whipping these dudes up, you know, in backyard and s*it, I kind of, like, fell in love with, like, fighting a lot more. And then I made it on WorldStar, and then on WorldStar, and that was fun. ”

Sedriques Dumas was specifically asked whether he will likely make his UFC middleweight debut in 2023. In reply, he said: “Yup. 2023, man, like I said. It’s my year.”

Sedriques Dumas spoke about a variety of subjects in an interview with UFC.com earlier this year. Dumas said he respects his opponents but would not hesitate to engage with them in street fights.

Dumas stated,

“ I bring the fans, I bring what you need me to bring. But you try to showboat in front of the people because if you put your hands on me before the fight, I’ll slap the s*** outta ya… We’re going to keep it ‘PG’ but there are certain lines you don’t cross with me because I will beat the dog s*** out of you.”