UFC ring girl denies taking part in orgies with UFC stars

Ring girls have been a contentious topic in combat sports for years, with some arguing their presence is unnecessary and others supporting their role in the events. However, when it comes to the discussion about their earnings, the critics have gone too far, according to UFC’s Luciana Andrade.

In a recent interview on The MMA Hour, Andrade defended the work of ring girls and hit back at those who claim they make more money than UFC stars. She argued that the rumors are baseless and are only spread to generate clicks and views.

Andrade explained that ring girls’ services are only used by the most elite promotions, such as UFC, and they only work a few times a year, especially those outside the US. In the US, there are only six girls who rotate, and they work once or twice a month, if lucky. Hence, it’s highly unlikely that ring girls make more than UFC stars, commentators, and broadcasters.

Andrade also debunked a salacious claim that was made last year:

While Andrade wouldn’t name the UFC star that had made the claim, we managed to trace it back to former UFC Middleweight Tim Kennedy. Kennedy alleged he took part in a group bender that left him fearing for his health during a podcast appearance promoting his book.

She also expressed her frustrations about the hate that ring girls receive, especially when it stems from a UFC star’s claims that he had an orgy with ring girls. Andrade clarified that it’s not true, and it’s unfair to assume that all ring girls date athletes.

While it’s true that some ring girls like Brittney Palmer boast a higher net worth, Andrade points out that Palmer also runs an OF account, which could explain her higher earnings. Therefore, it’s unfair to compare their earnings to those of the UFC stars, who earn their money solely from MMA.