UFC ref responds to haters after controversial stoppage: We’re there to to make the right decisions for fairness and safety

Being a referee in the UFC is not an easy job, especially when it comes to making tough calls on fight stoppages. Veteran official Marc Goddard has found himself in the middle of several controversial endings over the years, leading to backlash and hate from fans who disagreed with his decisions.

In a recent interview, Goddard opened up about how difficult it is to deal with the negativity that comes after making a call that is disputed. “It’s part of the job,” he stated. “When you get to a level on any sport at the top, you’re going to be especially as a referee, you’re there. Sometimes your decisions, you’re going to please half of the room, you’re going to piss off the other half.”

Goddard acknowledges that it’s an unfortunate reality that some viewers won’t understand or agree with the calls he makes as the third person in the octagon. “It’s a sad reality of, you know, it comes with the territory. We’re there to to make the right decisions for fairness and safety. Unfortunately, sometimes people don’t understand. You have to come to terms with that, that people, they’re not going to see your way.”

Despite the hate, Goddard stands by his stoppages, such as the recent controversial ending to the Alex Pereira vs. Israel Adesanya title fight. “It was a good stoppage, right? Everybody says it was good stoppage. Not everybody, but I know it was,” Goddard stated. “I’m extremely comfortable in it. I have nothing but respect for [Israel Adesanya]. I like him a lot. I like Alex a lot.”

Goddard went on to remind critics that he has been refereeing at the highest level of MMA for years, oftentimes being tasked with officiating bouts between the most elite athletes in the world. “People forget I ref this fight with Glover [Teixeira] when he won the [light heavyweight] belt. You know, that was the extremes of what two athletes were capable of.”

While the negative response is never easy, Goddard makes it clear that he takes his job seriously and always aims to make the right call based on fighter safety and the rules of the sport, regardless of how it is perceived by fans and pundits.