UFC President Dana White Dashes Hopes UFC is Fixing Eyepoke Meta, Announces Giveaway for Limited Edition Gloves

UFC teased a “New UFC Equipment Announcement and Presentation” at UFC 300’s weigh-ins on April 12, 2024, at UFC Apex in Las Vegas.

Speculation suggests the announcement may involve fixing the gloves due to the increase in eye pokes and controversies in 2024.

Recent incidents like Chris Weidman poking Bruno Silva’s eye three times have heightened the demand for glove modifications.

Different glove models, including those from PRIDE FC, are being compared to illustrate potential design improvements.

The announcement has generated anticipation and discussions across social media platforms like Twitter. But the hopes were short lived, considering the latest announcement from Dana White.

UFC President Dana White recently announced an exciting giveaway for fans to win limited edition UFC fight gloves. In a video posted on social media, White revealed that he has created 25 limited edition gloves to commemorate the launch of the new “UFC Weekend 300” gloves.

According to White, these limited edition gloves are “so badass,” with an impressive box and presentation. While he plans to give away 23 pairs to his close friends and acquaintances, including comedian Joe Rogan, White has reserved glove numbers 15, 19, and 22 for lucky fans to win.

UFC tried to alter gloves a while ago but the new curve hasn't exactly addressed the issue
UFC tried to alter gloves a while ago but the new curve hasn’t exactly addressed the issue

To enter the giveaway, fans must visit powerslap.com/sweepstakes this weekend and follow the instructions provided. Additionally, fans can earn 10 extra entries by watching “Power Slap 7” live and free on Rumble tomorrow, Friday. During the broadcast, a secret code will be revealed, which viewers must enter to increase their chances of winning the coveted limited edition gloves.

White expressed his excitement about the giveaway, stating, “Trust me when I tell you, these things are so badass. The box they come in, the way they’re laid out, and I’m giving them to 25 of my closest friends and people that I know love them.”

This giveaway presents a unique opportunity for UFC fans to own a piece of memorabilia directly from the UFC President himself. With only three pairs available for fans, competition is expected to be fierce, making it essential to follow the entry instructions carefully.