UFC on ESPN+ 63: Tyson Pedro gets a rare leg-kick TKO

Tyson Pedro just put on a masterful performance.

The Australian was coming off of a whopping 4-year layoff. His last performance was a loss to the long-time UFC and Pride veteran Mauricio Shogun Rua.

Despite the long time away from competition, Tyson Pedro did not skip a beat. He put a beating on Ike Villanueva during a light-heavyweight contest UFC on ESPN+ 63.

As soon as the bout started, Tyson Pedro pressured Villanueva.


Every leg kick that Tyson threw in the fight appeared to severely hurt his opponent. Later in the first round, Pedro threw another hard leg kick that completely folded Villanueva.


while Villanueva was completely vulnerable on the ground, Pedro landed a couple of hard punches to force the referee to stop the bout.

After his long-awaited comeback, Tyson Pedro reversed a two-fight losing streak. Now back in the winning column, the Australian is looking to get back in the octagon this year to further cement himself as a UFC Lightheavyweight contender.