UFC on ESPN+ 63: Barbarena booed after he gets the decision over Matt Brown

Everyone knew that Bryan Barbarena and Matt Brown were gonna produce fireworks during their welterweight clash.

Bryan Barbarena is everything but boring. He is known for his wars against welterweight contenders and tonight was no different.

Barbarena faced the hometown’s favorite, veteran, Matt Brown in an intense back and forth. The bout was as hard-fought as it gets, with the two trading hard punches and elbows throughout the 15 minutes.

Near the end of the third round, Barbarena had Brown hurt. The bout ended with Brown being saved by the bell after Barbarena was close to finishing with strikes.

The Ohio fans had so much love for Matt Brown that they could not accept his defeat. After Bruce Buffer announced the judges split decision, the crowd proceeded to heavily boo Barbarena in protest.

Barbarena mentioned the booing by saying “Ohio you boo me, but I love you guys!”

With that victory over the MMA veteran, Barbarena is now on a two-fight winning streak and is expected to be back into the conversation as a potential top-ranked fighter.