UFC offered Sharaputdin Magomedov a major contract – more than $50k to show, $50k to win

Dagestani prospect Sharaputdin Magomedov is likely to make UFC debut. He is rumored to sign a contract with much higher pay compared to average UFC debutants.

For those who are unaware of Magomedov – he went viral earlier this year when a video of him attacking a random person in Makchala and stomping their head on the ground surfaced online.

The ’cause’ for the insane behavior was allegedly a peck the man had shared with his female companion. It is apparently still seen as normal to beat the crap out of someone for benign PDA over there.

Magomedov has a very distinct look with one of his eyes being blue due to a medical issue. 

Sharaputdin Magomedov, famously known as “Shara Bullet” or “Bullet” will start to compete in the biggest MMA promotion soon.

Magomedov also claimed that the UFC offered him a huge amount of money. During an interview with Ushatayka, he claimed:

“When I looked at the conditions. I was happy to see those numbers lol. I signed the contract right away.” Magomedov said as he laughed.

This is highly unusual with even Cage Warriors champions like Paddy Pimblett going into UFC on $10,000 to show, $10,000 to win deals.

🔴 Shara Bullet: “When I looked at the conditions… I was happy to see those numbers lol. I signed the contract right away”

🔵 Journalist: “So this is not the standard $15,000 + $15,000? ”

🔴 Shara Bullet: “I do not know if anyone from Russia has signed such a contract or not, these are not small numbers. At the RCC for winning, I have now received twice as much as they [UFC] offered me to quit. I went there on decent terms, what I like most is that they offered me the money themselves. And they are way more than I even wanted. I said in one interview that if the UFC offered me an exclusive $50,000 + $50,000 at least – I would probably accept it. And they offered me more than 50 + 50. I got far more than I bargained for”

🔵 Journalist: “Are you not aware of what Dana Ali Abdelazizu said about you?” ”

🔴 Shara Bullet: “He [Ali] says: “Mick Maynard liked you a lot.” He didn’t call me for a long time, but then he called, I was actually surprised that he called me. And he started talking about you: “Don’t you know the guys from Dagestan? Help me find out who his representative is to go on him”. And so he got in touch with me.”

🔵 Journalist: “What about weightlifting? ”

🔴 Shara Bullet: “84, I think. Such an interesting drum weight there. And at 84 I feel more comfortable racing, at 77 I am tall, I spend a lot of energy on a bike race, I waste my opportunities. Wanting to meet Marvin Vettori I saw him in training here, at Tiger. I want to be with him, he is highly rated, plus, he is a European. He is highly ranked among Europeans, if I win him, I will be the first in Europe. No problem with Marvin Vettori next fight.

Are they top, don’t they feel pain or what? I would cause them the same pain, that pain will haunt them. They just don’t understand when I hit my arms and legs it hurts like hell. They accuse Ragozin: “Why didn’t he jump into his feet? “. Yeah cause he already hid 20 lowkicks and his leg not listening to him. Because he’s already in pain, his head doesn’t think how to attack, it thinks how to stop the pain.