UFC Octagon Girl talks UFC job, meeting celebs and making the most of it

As a UFC Octagon Girl, Red Dela Cruz has been living her dream by travelling the world and working for one of the biggest mixed martial arts promotions.

Recently, Cruz provided a closer look at what goes on behind the scenes of her exciting job and how she became a social media sensation.

Dela Cruz started her dream job when she won the UFC’s search for an Octagon Girl competition in 2015. She’s since amassed a massive following of 2.8 million Facebook.

Dela Cruz first juggled her MMA work with a day job in a Sydney office, but she has now given up her second job in finance to focus on her UFC job.

One of the perks of Dela Cruz’s job is meeting big celebrities and UFC competitors. She said, “So far, the crowds have been great and positive! I get to meet a lot of big celebrities. I recently met Jason Statham and Tom Holland at UFC 286 in London. It was so cool and fun.”

Additionally, her job has also led to marriage proposals from fans and even date offers from UFC competitors. However, she remains professional and focused on her career.

She said, “I have been asked out by a fighter in the past, but I never dated or plan to date a fighter. I stay professional with my job.”

Dela Cruz loves travelling around the world as an Octagon Girl. Being from the Philippines, she finds it a blessing to experience different cultures and food.

She stated: “The best thing about my job is that I get to travel around the world. I get to meet new people and eat new food! Culture is an amazing thing to see and experience. Especially from where I come from in the Philippines, I am blessed to have these opportunities.”

Dela Cruz also said that she is grateful to work for the UFC president, Dana White. She describes him as a “super cool and very nice person.”

Cruz said: “I love him. I always get nervous whenever I see and talk to him because he is the big boss.”

Just like UFC competitors who have to stay in shape to survive inside the Octagon, Dela Cruz takes her health and fitness very seriously. She’s been living a healthy lifestyle since she was 17 and maintains a balanced diet.

Regarding her fitness lifestyle, Cruz said: ‘Health and fitness has always been part of my life since I was 17. I wake up early to go to gym to start my day. I cook my own meals, do long walks two to three times a week and make sure I maintain a balanced diet.”