UFC Middleweight Champ Dricus Du Plessis Answers How Many Alexa Grassos it would take to defeat him

UFC Middleweight Champion Dricus Du Plessis recently addressed a hypothetical scenario about how many female flywieight UFC championsit would take to defeat him in a fight. Alexa Grasso is a Mexican professional mixed martial artist who competes in the women’s Flyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, where she is the current UFC Women’s Flyweight Champion. In February, it was announced that Grasso and former champion Valentina Shevchenko would be the coaches for The Ultimate Fighter 32 on ESPN+, which would feature contestants from the middleweight and featherweight divisions.

While an actual inter-gender matchup is strictly forbidden by athletic commissions, Du Plessis analyzed the hypothetical situation from a sporting perspective.

He recently entertained a hypothetical scenario – how many copies of UFC strawweight Alexa Grasso would it take to defeat him in a fight?

“This is just silly talk, but I’ll play along,” Du Plessis laughed. “Alexa is a tremendous talent and champion, but we’re talking about a mismatch in weight classes here.”

The 185-pound Du Plessis, known for his knockout power, broke it down from a sporting perspective. “Alexa is what, 115 pounds? She’s basically giving up 70 pounds to me. As tough and skilled as she is, I don’t think one Alexa could beat me.”

“Now if we’re talking multiple Alexas, maybe things get interesting,” he mused. “Like maybe if there were 15 Alexas, all coming at me at once, using great movement, striking technique and aggression, they could overwhelm me just based on the sheer numbers.”

However, Du Plessis admitted even that scenario seemed far-fetched. “Realistically, with my size and physicality, it may take 25-30 Alexas jumping me at the same time to have a chance at victory through sheer volume. Even then, it’s not a scenario I love my odds in if I’m being honest.”

The champ quickly reiterated his immense respect for Grasso and female fighters. “Again, this is all purely silly hypotheticals. Alexa is as legit as they come and a pioneer for women’s MMA. I don’t actually want to fight 30 Alexas – I’d probably just get swarmed and carried out of the Octagon!”