UFC hotpot reporter Laura Sanko looked completely unrecognisable during ‘awkward phase’ as a teen

Renowned UFC commentator Laura Sanko recently shared a captivating glimpse into her past, revealing an unrecognizable phase from her youth.

UFC 293 witnessed an unprecedented feat as Laura Sanko became the first woman in over two decades to grace a pay-per-view event with her insightful commentary.

At 40 years old, Sanko demonstrated a prowess that drew commendation from none other than Conor McGregor himself. She has also amassed a sizable following ever since.

Sanko’s influence transcends the octagon, as evidenced by her substantial presence on Instagram. She has more than 400,000 Instagram followers and recently shared a throwback photo with them.

In a recent post, Laura Sanko treated her followers to a nostalgic throwback. The image captured a youthful Sanko, sporting big round spectacles and a red cardigan. She was standing beside her brother.

In a touching caption accompanying the post, Sanko empathized with people like her who experienced an “awkward phase.”

She shared, “This is for everyone out there whose awkward phase was made much longer and much worse by an annoyingly good looking sibling.”

“Your time will come 🙏🏻 …also, the vibe of this outfit.”

The post struck a chord with Sanko’s followers, amassing over 9,000 likes. The comments section overflowed with empathy and resonance, as many shared their own experiences of navigating through similar phases.

One fan commented: “This was my life as well!”

Another added: “Love this!”

The MMA community holds Sanko in high regard, with one enthusiast going so far as to dub her a “Goddess.”

Even McGregor couldn’t help but laud her.

Following UFC 293, McGregor took to Twitter to express his admiration. He said: “Sanko is incredible! ‘Spins the chin but nothin’ doin’’ Love it. Incredibly refreshing addition!”

“Hats off to the whole @ufc crew! Stellar this evening is! Bravo! Only getting better! What a machine!”

In response to McGregor’s praise, Sanko displayed humility and gratitude. She stated: “Thank you for that Conor… dream come true for me to be on the call tonight.”

She went on to add: “Our team is the best in the world.”