UFC fans slam Khabib’s cousin for slapping opponent after the bell: “B**ch move”

In a UFC Vegas 74 main card opener, rising Dagestani prospect Abubakar Nurmagomedov faced off against Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos. The bout ended in controversy, leaving fans and pundits divided.

From the opening moments of the bout, Nurmagomedov displayed his striking prowess, landing consecutive right hands that put dos Santos on the defensive. However, despite his initial success, the Dagestani struggled to secure takedowns against his Brazilian opponent, who showcased excellent clinch work and unleashed a barrage of knees.

As the bout progressed into the second round, Zaleski began to assert himself as the superior striker, outpointing Nurmagomedov with precision strikes. However, just before the bell, Nurmagomedov managed to secure a crucial takedown, momentarily shifting the momentum in his favor.

In the final round, Zaleski’s well-executed inside leg kicks started to take their toll on Nurmagomedov, who appeared to slow down slightly. With his striking superiority and effective strategy, Zaleski won the round on all three scorecards, securing a closely contested split decision victory in his sophomore UFC appearance.

While the bout itself provided plenty of excitement, it was the unsportsmanlike behavior displayed by Abubakar Nurmagomedov after the final bell that caused a stir. In a surprising turn of events, Nurmagomedov slapped Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos across the face, igniting outrage among fans and tarnishing his image.

The incident, captured on video, quickly circulated on social media, with fans expressing their disappointment and condemning Nurmagomedov’s actions. Many were quick to point out that this unsportsmanlike behavior was uncharacteristic of the Nurmagomedov family, known for their professionalism and respect inside and outside the octagon.

The controversy surrounding Nurmagomedov’s conduct has raised questions about his future in the UFC. Some fans believe that his actions could lead to severe consequences, including potential expulsion from the Nurmagomedov clan and even his removal from the prestigious AKA gym, which has nurtured numerous Dagestani talents.

Despite his overall record standing at 2-2 in the UFC, Abubakar Nurmagomedov now faces scrutiny and criticism from both fans and experts. Many argue that his behavior after the bell overshadowed his performance inside the octagon and damaged his reputation as a professional athlete.

As the dust settles on this contentious bout, it remains to be seen how the UFC and Nurmagomedov’s team will address the situation. The spotlight now shines on Coach Javier Mendez and the AKA gym, as they navigate the aftermath of this regrettable incident.

The actions of Abubakar Nurmagomedov serve as a stark reminder that professionalism, respect, and sportsmanship are fundamental attributes that every fighter should uphold. It is through these qualities that fighters not only win the admiration of their fans but also foster a positive and honorable image within the sport.

As the MMA community reflects on the events of UFC Vegas 74, the hope remains that such incidents will serve as lessons for fighters, reminding them of the importance of integrity, discipline, and humility. Only through these values can fighters truly embody the spirit of martial arts and elevate the sport to new heights.

With the loss for Abubakar Nurmagomedov, mixed martial artists with “Magomed” in their name fall to a 52-10-1 record in the UFC.