UFC fans roast Pereira for getting promoted to black belt despite getting outgrappled by Adesanya

Grappling proficiency holds immense significance, with disciplines like wrestling, Sambo, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu often proving decisive in MMA bouts. However, recent scrutiny has surfaced regarding the credibility of belt systems, particularly within BJJ, casting doubt on the validity of certain practitioners’ skill levels.

The belt hierarchy in BJJ traditionally signifies a practitioner’s progression and expertise, from the novice white belt to the revered black belt, symbolizing mastery. Yet, concerns have emerged regarding the integrity of belt promotions, with instances of individuals attaining black belts without meeting the expected standards of proficiency, thereby diluting the significance of the accolade.

Makhachev and Chimaev expressed their skepticism regarding the level of some of competitors who claim to be BJJ Black belts, but the issue came into spotflight once again this weekend – when Pereira was promoted to BJJ Black belt despite a bout that featured no grappling.

Following his triumph at UFC 300, Pereira was awarded a BJJ black belt by his coaches Plinio Cruz and Glover Teixeira, despite his grappling skills failing to impress throughout his MMA career.

The decision to bestow Pereira with a black belt raised eyebrows among fans, particularly when an old clip resurfaced depicting his grappling struggles against rival Israel Adesanya during their initial MMA encounter.

Adesanya is considered a mediocre purple belt in BJJ. Yet he effortlessly controlled Pereira on the ground, delivering a barrage of punishing strikes, highlighting Pereira’s grappling vulnerabilities.


While Pereira now boasts a black belt in BJJ, its merit within the octagon remains dubious, especially when confronted with adversaries proficient in grappling arts, exemplified by potential opponent Magomed Ankalaev. Unless Pereira significantly enhances his grappling acumen, he faces an uphill battle against opponents adept at exploiting such weaknesses.