UFC excludes Francis Ngannou from Black History Month Homage, UFC vets and fans react

UFC president Dana White attempted to smear Francis Ngannou earlier last month when it was announced he had become a free agent.

Dana White said that Francis Ngannou had been released from his contract and had been stripped of the heavyweight title and that he was clearly content to pursue weaker opponents.

This was rebuffed rather fast when it was once again revealed that Ngannou plans to face Tyson Fury in a once in a lifetime boxing exhibition.

UFC long promised they are working on UFC’s first event in Africa – but with the dethroning of Adesanya and Usman, and with Ngannou on his own it’s further than it’s ever been.

To add insult to injury, UFC just released a homage video to black history month – and erased all traces of Ngannou.

“Just gonna erase @francisngannou from the record books huh? @francisngannou is the most historical black figure in MMA. Baddest man on the planet straight from Africa.” – former UFC middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold wrote.


Several of the fans were quick to point out that UFC even used Demetrius Johnson in the highlight – despite attempts to erase him from company history previously.

“I get Francis was released and all but come on man, dude was a champ and had a defense. He deserves recognition” – another fan noted.