UFC champion Aljamain Sterling releases debut rap single: “Go Dumb”

UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling has released a brand-new rap song titled “Go Dumb.” The rap song is now available for streaming.

The 33-year-old Sterling last competed in an event in October of last year. He defeated former champion T.J. Dillashaw in an odd match that ended before it even started. This is because Dillashaw abruptly dislocated his shoulder due to a preexisting injury.

Although there have been rumors that Sterling may face two-weight UFC champion Henry Cejudo in his next title defense, nothing has been confirmed. To pass the time between match, Sterling has released the rap song “Go Dumb.”


Sterling posted on his Instagram: “This is a big year of checking off my goals so I hope y’all like my first single! It’s called, “Go Dumb” featuring @troygrindz (my brother) on will be on all streaming platforms at midnight! ”

“We’re almost 2 months into the year already, so remember that time isn’t waiting for any of us. Chase your dreams, take chances on YOURSELF, and then you can see how far you can really go.”


Sterling isn’t the first UFC vet to have put out rap songs. Tyron Woodley notably made an effort to get into the industry and even received a feature from Grammy Award nominee Wiz Khalifa. Woodley’s attempt was especially cringeworthy.

Additionally, Brian Kelleher, Bryce Mitchell, and Kevin Holland have also put out music.

Sterling vs Cejudo was supposed to take place at UFC 285, which was planned for March 4. However, no official statement has been made. Sterling recently released a video in which he gave his justification for declining Cejudo in March. He apparently had a torn bicep throughout the previous two camps.

“It’s whether or not I could compete with this torn bicep again, going through another training camp with a torn bicep against a guy who can who’s stronger in the wrestling department, who will use his wrestling more with inside leg trips, double legs, high crotches, and trying to run the pipe into these lifts where, T.J., probably, you know, he just shoots and does the strips is a little bit different.”

“I’m going to need this bicep to compete at 100%. And I don’t take Henry Cejudo, lightly, even though I did lay out all the ways that I could win and do that for 25 minutes, I got to make sure I’m in shape.”

Joe Rogan talked a bit about him undergoing stem cell treatment in Columbia in hopes of recovering in time for April.