UFC 284 Full fight Video Highlights: Jack Della Maddalena submits Brown in R1 via RNC

UFC Welterweight Jack Della Maddalena’s recent placement on the main card at UFC 284 made it clear that he was being positioned for bigger things.

But it’s fair to assume, UFC’s return to Australia had something to do with it. Della Maddalena is one of the only men on the card who is actually in his hometown in Perth.

Maddalena, who won all three of his previous outings in the first round, was named the Newcomer of the Year by various publications which was why the UFC wanted to promote him.

His opponent, Randy Brown, was also on a winning streak.

Although the crowd chanted “F-You Randy” during the bout’s opening minute, Brown kept his cool and used his reach to his advantage, throwing kicks and sidestepping Maddalena when he got too close.

However, Maddalena managed to land a right hook to Brown’s jaw, which sent him to the ground. Maddalena followed up with hammerfists, and although Brown managed to survive, Maddalena quickly wrapped up a rear-naked choke, which forced Brown to tap out.

After, Maddalena expressed his desire to compete against someone in the top 15 by the middle of the year. If he keeps performing as he did in this outing, he may well get his wish.

Jack Della Maddalena submits Randy Brown via rear-naked choke, Round 1, 2:13