UFC 274: Uno reverse! Brandon Royval taps Matt Schnell with submission Matt tried on him first

Brandon Royval delivered an action packed bout with Matt Schnell. The bout was barely into round 1 when Royval snagged a tight guillotine and prompted Schnell to tap.

Royval was a favorite heading into the bout with mean odds of about -260.

Schnell briefly had a shot snagging a d’arce earlier in the round by Royval shrugged it off fast.

Schnell had gone into it on the wings of losing his mom during camp.


Brandon Royval delivered quite a line on his exit: “Hey baby, I’m walking into the fire every time and I’m walking out with a f*cking tan.” 

The bout ended barely 2 minutes in via submission. Royval improved his MMA record to 14-6 meanwhile Schnell is now 15-6.