UFC 273: Fierce Petr Yan silences rowdy crowd at presser with a single snap of his fingers

UFC 273 is one of the better cards we’ve seen in a while. With two titles on the line and the so called ‘People’s main event’ every fan is bound to tune in. At the event, one of the biggest storylines will get a resolution once Petr Yan rematches DQ champ Aljamain Sterling.

Sterling was positively perceived by the larger MMA fanbase upto the point where he decided he would not continue at UFC 259 after receiving an illegal knee to the head while on his knees.

While the UFC doesn’t really penalize cheating – they frown upon athletes who concede and figuratively throw in the towel. This is perhaps why Sterling went on an acting spree and rubbed everyone the wrong way with his attempt at an awkward Dawson’s creek cry face.

While Sterling is clearly amped about the rematch and in tremendous shape – despite being American the crowd might not be in his favor. Petr Yan has made quite a reputation for himself with the Sterling, Aldo and Sandhagen performances. In many ways, he’s one of the most interesting bantamweights in the UFC of all time. This is also why he’s on the Pound for Pound rankings – while Aljo Sterling is the only champion absent from the list.

But Petr Yan’s intimidating aura seems to extend to outside the octagon as well. At the UFC 273 presser the following scene captivated everyone’s attention:

It appears the 29 year old interim champion has quite the crowd control.

In addition to this exchange, Sterling and Yan also butted heads during a non face off. UFC refused to allow for a face off and the two were controlled by security.