UFC 272 Live Updates: Covington vs Masvidal

UFC 272 main event is getting under way. We’ll be live updating the post. Refresh for more updates. Covington walks out to Kurt Angle anthem carrying a USA flag. Masvidal has his new tattoo of the infamous flying knee out on display.

Herb Dean will be refereeing the main event. Both pass on the chance to touch gloves.

Round 1 is under way. Covington clinches Masvidal next to the fence. Covington tries to set up takedown, Masvidal defending well. Covington takes down Masvidal for a brief moment, Masvidal recovers. Covington has body control. He gets Jorge down to the knees but he keeps getting up.

Covington trying to ride, not overeager to get a submission, threatens with a choke just to get a reaction out of Masvidal. Covington grounds Masvidal and is riding in half guard, never really comitting to pass.

Covington briefly goes to mount but Masvidal recovers and stands up. The two exchange kicks to mark the end of round 1.

Ref warns Covington over an eye poke from Round 1. Stern warning. Masvidal chips away at Covington’s legs with a calf kick.

Covington clinches Masvidal. Masvidal looking at a similar round 2. Colby throwing elbows. Covington with a shot to Masvidal’s groin. Action reset.

Masvidal clinches Colby to the fence. Disengages. Masvidal throwing big shots. Definitely more successful in striking exchanges.

Covington recovers, clinches Masvidal to the fence. Masvidal shrugs him off.

ESPN+ feed went dead. A potential knee injury.

Round 3 starts with a an exchange of kicks. Colby appears to be edging Masvidal but it’s close. Masvidal tries for a guillotine off of Colby’s shot. Masvidal full guard.

Masvidal’s defense is on point, but he cannot get off the ground – offensively. Looks like beginning of the end for Masvidal.

Beginning of round 4, Masvidal needs to do something big to turn it around. Colby clinches Masvidal to the fence. Covington appears to be grabbing the shorts of Masvidal. Masvidal has trouble keeping up with strikes in round 4. Colby has him to the fence. For a second there it looked like this could be the end for Masvidal. But Masvidal recovers, drops Colby with a big shot. Colby recovers.

Colby wins via decision.