UFC 270: Figueiredo Edges Out Moreno In Nail Biter

Brandon Moreno and Deivison  Figueiredo exchanged a fair bit in round 1. Figueiredo seemed to be making ways with several well placed calf kicks that even buckled the legs of Moreno. Likely result? Figureido 10-9.

Moreno readjusted in round 2. Figueiredo went for a single leg straight away but scrapped the attempt. Round 2 was much more measured – but not lacking in output. 14 leg kicks landed for Figueiredo in the first 6 minutes of the fight.

Moreno seems to be determined to try and Left hook his way to victory. Cejudo can be heard cornering Figueiredo and yelling for a take out all throughout round 2. Round 2 like result? 10-9 Moreno.

Figueiredo came out swinging in round 3 but was unable to capitalize on any exchanges. Moreno was looking better and better while Figueiredo was slowly starting to gas. Moreno keeps throwing lefts – Figueiredo’s best offense remains a calf kick. 22 strikes to the legs of Moreno. On the other hand Moreno threw 38 significant strikes at Figgy’s head. Figueiredo drops Moreno at the very end of round 3 – tries to follow up with submission but only several seconds left. Moreno likely still in the lead – but a very tight lead.

Round 4 is on. Moreno’s shin looking welted. Figueiredo switched to south paw. Moreno is starting to check kicks. Moreno still looks balanced – not gassing. Moreno seems to be getting the better of Figueiredo in exchanges but it’s still really close. Moreno Leads in significant strikes in rounds 2 and 3 – Figueiredo ahead in 1.

Round 5.
Moreno seems to be having trouble walking to his corner. His leg needs icing.
Moreno scores early takedown on Figueiredo .

Brendon Moreno and Deivison Figueiredo go the distance. Either of them looked like they could be knocked out. Crucial takedown in round 5 for the champion – ultimately the official result was: 48-47 Figueiredo via unanimous decision