UFC 270 Fight Breaks Out: Retired Fighter Punches Drunk Fan

UFC 270 provided plenty of entertainment with a heavyweight title fight between the reigning champion Francis Ngannou and the challenger Cyril Gane. The fight went the distance and Ngannou successfully defended the title that night. However, just like any big event, there was more stuff happening in the background – and we’re not talking about the shady texts rumored to belong to Dana White. 

The UFC 270 featured an additional clash outside the octagon. Former UFC fighter  Don Frye  had an altercation with one of his fans. The altercation hyped up the people inside the stadium in Anaheim, California.

Don Frye was attending the UFC 270 event to enjoy the first UFC pay-per-view event of the year. The UFC veteran got into an argument with a fan and it escalated pretty quickly. Both of them were standing while arguing and it seemed pretty serious to the point that two men approached them to prevent the altercation from going too far. The heated argument turned physical eventually as Don Frye punched the fan.

It is unclear what the two were arguing about. The fan was reportedly a bit drunk and probably annoyed the 56-year-old veteran fighter. The altercation got recorded by one of the attendees of the UFC 270 event and was uploaded to social media. In the video, Don Frye can be seen throwing a right jab to the fan before he walked away from the people gathering him.

Don Frye’s first professional MMA fight was within the UFC back in 1996 for the UFC Tournament 8 that he won. He fought for various MMA and wrestling promotions throughout his career. His professional MMA record consists of 20 wins, 9 losses and 1 draw.