Francis Ngannou Addresses ‘Heinous’ ‘Racist’ Text Manager Received

Yesterday we shared with you about a text former UFC employee and current CAA agent Marquel Martens received on the day of UFC 270 PPV card. The message reads.

“Lets see who gets the last word after tonight you dumb black b****h. The fact that Francis would ever listen to yu lets you know how much of a dumb piece of s**t he is to. After this you will go back to selling suits at Nordstrom you f*****g moron. ”

The text was followed by several middle finger emojis and is rumored to belong to Dana White. The area code apparent in the image shared is clearly a Las Vegas code – 702.


Reigning UFC champion Francis Ngannou went on the MMA Hour late last night and was kind enough to talk in detail about many of the issues he was facing in lead up to UFC 270.

Ngannou also addressed the now infamous text saying:
“On the Saturday morning, my manager received an anonymous message that was very weird,” Ngannou said. “We didn’t know from who was that, but that message was very weird, very racist, insulting.”

Of course we all know how UFC 270 ended – with Ngannou declared victorious and Dana White’s disappearing act.

You can watch the interview with Francis Ngannou here: