Tyson Fury’s dad confirms American travel ban

When talking about his son Tommy Fury’s probable fight with Jake Paul in August, John revealed that Tyson Fury has been prohibited from visiting the United States.

Fighting Deontay Wilder in an epic trilogy helped Tyson Fury establish a significant portion of his career on American soil. However, recent claims from the Sunday World pointed out that immigration officers had ‘prevented Fury from travelling from the UK to the US.

The US Treasury imposed sanctions on boxing adviser Daniel Kinahan just a few weeks earlier. He was identified as a key member of the Kinahan organized criminal ring.

In light of the latest incident against Tyson Fury, John Fury has now requested that YouTube fighter Jake Paul reschedule his September match with his son Tommy.

In a deleted Instagram video discussing Tommy’s probable fight with Paul on August 6, Fury Sr. addressed the fact that several of them had entry bans and said, “Tyson can’t get over there”.

“You can have the fight on August 6 but it has got to be not in America because all of us at the minute are suspended and banned for life I can’t get there at all,”

Fury Sr added, “Tyson can’t get over there because he has a few issues at the moment that he is trying to sort out. So Tommy has got no team.”

“Listen if you want to negotiate a different price we will take less money to fight you anywhere else in the world on August 6. If you can’t do it there is not a problem we will get you again.”

“But this needs to be promoted properly and at the minute it’s a poor job. If you are interested that is it. We are fighting people you do what you have got to do, contact us and it is game on.”

The media had previously questioned Fury about his suspected ties to Kinahan. However, he has played them down in order to concentrate on his forthcoming battle.

Tyson Fury said at the time: “That’s none of my business and I don’t interfere with anybody else’s business. But I do know what the media can do. Remember, I was the one witch-hunted a few years back.”

“What a man does in his own business is none of my concern, I am a boxing man, I don’t get involved in anyone’s business at all. I don’t care what you’ve done, I’m only concerned in what I do, and I don’t do anything apart from box. End of.”