Tyson Fury thinks he could “smash Ngannou’s face in in the cage”

In a surprising turn of events, Tyson Fury has hinted at the possibility of transitioning from the boxing ring to the MMA cage for a rematch against Francis Ngannou.

The first encounter between Fury and Ngannou occurred in October 2023, culminating in a victory for Fury through a split decision. However, controversy surrounded the match as Fury found himself dropped by the MMA legend in the third round. Despite being Ngannou’s first professional boxing bout, he showcased remarkable skills.

Having seamlessly adapted to boxing, Ngannou is now gearing up to face two-time heavyweight world champion Anthony Joshua. Yet, Fury seems unwilling to let the feud with Ngannou fade away. He recently hinted at a potential cross-sport confrontation, this time in Ngannou’s domain – the MMA arena.

In an interview, Fury expressed his eagerness for a face-off with Ngannou in the cage. He said: “Beyond boxing, after I’ve done [Oleksandr] Usyk twice and after I’ve… if he wins Ngannou, given him a good hiding, I wanna go in the cage with him with small gloves on. 100 per cent. Because he was chatting s*** yesterday about how boxing protects me. I don’t think so. I think I’ll smash his face in, in a cage.”

Due to a severe cut sustained by Fury during training, his planned bout against Usyk to unify the heavyweight title has been rescheduled till May.

The anticipation among British boxing enthusiasts for a Fury vs. Joshua showdown has been building for over five years. But the outcome might hinge on Joshua’s performance against Ngannou, given both their formidable power.

While Fury’s skills in the boxing ring are undeniable, venturing into professional MMA for a showdown with Ngannou raises questions. Fury has never participated in a professional MMA bout, making it a considerable challenge. On the flip side, Ngannou has carved his legacy in the UFC’s heavyweight division, securing the world champion title through his ferocious knockouts.

Despite the mutual respect following their initial bout, recent events suggest a renewed intensity. In a press conference this week, Ngannou directly called out Fury and expressed his eagerness to correct their first clash.

Ngannou shouted at Fury in the crowd, stating: “You’re going to sleep in the [ring] again and I’m going to wipe the ring with your a*** again. I wiped the ring with your a***, there was blood in the ring.”