Tyson Fury: If it was belts that drive me I’d go buy 50 belts, It’s the money that drives me, not the belts

On May 18, Fury and Usyk will square off for the undisputed heavyweight championship. There will be four major titles up for grabs.

Fury does not want to dwell on the four other championships that are up for grabs in Saudi Arabia. He said: “I read a lot of comments from people saying that there is four belts, but let’s just get this clear people. There is a lot more than four belts on the line. You have IBO, IBF,WBO,WBA,WBC, Ring Magazine and Lineal.”

Further adding to the spectacle, promoter Frank Warren revealed the inclusion of a unique ‘undisputed’ belt, elevating the count to eight. Acknowledging this unprecedented scenario, Fury humorously contemplated the need for an additional cabinet to accommodate his collection.

Fury said: “So for all you mother f*****s out there who thought it was four, it is actually seven on the line. I stand corrected. There is eight then in one fight. That has to be a record, I’m going to have to get another cabinet for sure. I’ve actually promised His Excellency Turki Alalshikh that when I win all these belts, I give every one to him as a present.”

Usyk previously won the unified cruiserweight title and made his debut in 2019. About him, Fury said: “I respect him, as a man, as a fighter. Everyone has to respect the man’s achievements. Good fighter – I have a tough challenge in front of me. But I’m very confident in my ability and I’m very confident I’ll beat the guy.”

“When the cruiserweights step up to the big boys, usually they get found wanting. You can beat the average big ones but you can’t beat the elite big ones, because size really matters. We have weight divisions for a reason and he’s going to be found wanting when he fights me on May 18. This is my time, my destiny, my era and my generation. Fact.”

Fury conveyed his optimism regarding his current state of readiness, attributing it to an intensive training camp and a supportive team. Notably, he highlighted the involvement of his father John Fury as a secret weapon in his preparation. With meticulous planning and dedicated efforts, Fury expressed assurance in his ability to deliver a stellar performance in the upcoming bout.

“I’m in fantastic shape. I’m having a fantastic training camp and have got a good team around me, everything is going to plan. I’m working very hard, I’ve got my Dad (John Fury) in camp this time, so I’ve got my secret weapon. We’ve got a full circus camp, so can’t do any more really.”

Tyson Fury asked if undisputed is motivation for him in the Oleksandr Usyk fight: “If it was belts that drive me I’d go to Matalan and buy 50 belts. It’s the money that drives me, not the belts. I’ve been very open in my whole career telling you all it’s only about the coins and I’ll stand by it today… So for me to say to you all, ‘Oh, I wanna win 20 belts, it’s not about the money,’ it ain’t true, is it? It ain’t true.”