Tyson Fury goes viral after Netflix docu reveals unhinged names he gave his kids

The latest docu-series sensation on Netflix is ‘At Home with the Furys.’ It has left viewers surprised as they delve into the intricate world of professional boxer Tyson Fury’s family life.

In the documentary, Tyson takes on a new role as a more involved family man, offering a candid look into the Fury household dynamics.

In this captivating Netflix production, We witness the journey of reigning heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury, as he strives to strike a balance between retirement, managing his mental well-being, and tending to his bustling family life.

Alongside his supportive wife Paris, his brother Tommy, and Molly Mae Hague, Tyson endeavors to navigate the sometimes tumultuous waters of a post-boxing career.

The Fury household is brimming with a sizeable brood of six children (with a seventh on its way). Located in their home in Morecambe, Lancashire, Tyson and Paris engage in a delicate juggling of responsibilities, from chauffeuring their kids to school to indulging in luxurious getaways and more.

At times it may go very crazy, and Tyson even forgets the names of his children.

One person tweeted: “Tyson Fury’s kids name are f**kin nuts by the way,” one person tweeted.”

Someone else said: “Tyson fury kids names are f**king unreal… VENEZUELA.”

A third wrote: “All 3 of his sons first names being Prince is absolutely wild to me. ”

Another person added: “Tyson Fury must have been on some session when he picked his kid’s names”

In fact, three of his kids are named Prince, and the oldest is given the name of a South American nation.

The couple’s first child Venezuela was born in 2009. His son Prince John James, was born in 2011.

Prince Tyson II (commonly known as ‘Tutty’) was born in 2016. Then in 2017, their  daughter Valencia was born, followed by Prince Adonis Amaziah in 2019 .

Athena was born in August 2021, and is the newest member of the Fury family.

In a candid portrayal, the Fury children can be heard casually using strong language in the presence of their parents and siblings. Tyson and Paris, however, maintain a refreshingly open perspective on the matter.

Addressing the issue of occasional profanity in their home, Paris emphasizes the bigger picture. She acknowledges that while she educates and monitors her children’s language, she is not overly concerned if the occasional slip occurs.

Tyson supports this sentiment, asserting that these instances are part and parcel of real life, particularly in their northern upbringing.

Paris said: “I think there’s bigger things at play. I don’t want my children to have bad language – I do teach them, I do check up, but if it comes out here or there now and again…”

Tyson then cut in by saying: “It’s life – it’s real life, as well.”

Paris then continued: “Anyone that sits there and says their kids have never said a swear word, or never done a bad noise, or never done something out of place, I don’t know who they are.”

Tyson Fury then went on to say: “And we’re northerners as well! Northerners swear a lot more as well. It’s like in our blood to swear.”

Fury and his wife are a part of the travelers group – which has had surprising impact on their life in 2023. Despite the fact that they’re absolutely rich, the oldest Fury kids were allowed to drop out of school when they finished elementary school.

Tyson Fury’s daughter, Venezuela, quit school at the age of 11 due to a cultural tradition stemming from their Traveller background, and his other five children are expected to do the same.
Despite being a new-age family, the Furies have chosen to follow the Traveller tradition of finishing school after primary age.

Tyson Fury and his wife Paris met at 14 and have six children: Venezuela (13), Prince John James (9), Prince Tyson II (4), Valencia (3), and Athena (born prematurely in August).

The Furies have decided to uphold the tradition of finishing school at primary age, which is the Traveller way, by bringing it into the modern era.

Paris was the driving force behind this decision, and despite Tyson’s reservations, she wants their children to be brought up as Travellers and continue the tradition.

Tyson has expressed his concern about his children not receiving a formal education, while Paris is adamant about continuing the Traveller way of life.