Tyson Fury fires shots, issues challenge to 50 YouTubers under a specific ruleset

Tyson Fury claims he is open to competing against 50 YouTubers in one night.

Heavyweight boxer Fury made his professional debut in 2008. He now has a professional record of 33-0. A unification match between Tyson and fellow heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk has been scheduled. However, the match has been repeatedly postponed and might be delayed again.

Meanwhile, Fury has developed a unique one night concept that would undoubtedly draw a sizable audience. Given the popularity of YouTube bouts and the Misfits Boxing promotion, Tyson Fury wants to box “them all at once”.

He told to Daily Star Sport: “Yes, I’d fight them all at once. I don’t know how many YouTube boxers there are. But, let’s say there are 50 of them. What we will do is get all 50 of them in a row and then put them all in for a round each.”

On the other hand, his brother Tommy Fury will fight Jake Paul. The two will compete later this month in Saudi Arabia on February 26. Tyson has pledged to abandon his brother in the Middle East if Tommy loses against Paul.

Tyson told JOE: “I’ll leave Tommy in Saudi Arabia. He can become Cristiano Ronaldo ’s best pal and he can be a PT for Ronaldo in Saudi. The two guys are putting it on. They’re both undefeated and whoever loses is pretty much f***ed I’d say, because they have both had a lot to say.”

Fury lives in Morecambe with his wife Paris and their kids. He has previously said that he prefers watching live fights in local bars over watching YouTube boxing. Fury was asked whether he had watched KSI’s most recent bout during a guest visit on the True Georgie podcast.

Fury said, “I don’t watch all that YouTube stuff. Not that I’ve got anything against it, I think it’s great for the sport and the people who do it.”

“[It’s] great for everybody but it’s not my cup of tea. If I want to see a real fight, I go down to a Morecambe boozer on a Friday night and I watch a fight.”