Tyson Fury denied boarding pass AGAIN amid links with reputed cartel leader Daniel Kinahan

The undisputed WBC heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury is apparently being refused to board for a second time. This is due to his connections and former business transactions with Daniel Kinahan, a wanted criminal.

According to an original report by Sunday World investigative journalist Nicola Tallant, Tyson Fury sought to book a flight from Liverpool to the United States eight days ago. However, he was unable to get permission to go to New York.

Stephen Breen is the crime editor for The Irish Sun. He claimed on Saturday afternoon that Fury had once again been refused boarding on a flight from Manchester to the United States.

“BREAKING – Tyson fury has been refused access to the US for the second time after trying to board a flight from Manchester yesterday. Full story to follow @IrishSunOnline.”

After attempting to board a flight from Manchester yesterday, Tyson Fury has been denied entry to the US for the second time.

The Irish Sun afterward reported that immigration officers prevented Fury from boarding the trip to Manchester.

“He tried to board another trans-Atlantic flight but the immigration officials told him to wasn’t allowed on the plane. He wasn’t happy with the decision but accepted it and then left.”

Fury was a previous client of the Kinahan and Kinahan-founded agency company, MTK Global. He declined to comment when asked about his association with Kinahan before his most recent professional boxing contest in April against Dillian Whyte.

This week, John Fury, acknowledged that they were both facing trouble traveling to the United States for the August bout between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury.

He said: “You (Jake Paul) can have it on the sixth of August but it’s got to be not in America because all of us (sic), I’ll be honest with you, are suspended and banned for life, I can’t get to you at all, Tyson can’t get to you because he’s a got a few issues at the moment so Tommy’s got no team.”