Tyson Fury accuses Oleksandr Usyk’s manager of insulting his wife

Tyson Fury recently accused Oleksandr Usyk’s manager of employing derogatory language concerning his wife, Paris. However, this accusation was swiftly followed by a public apology.

The heavyweight champion is set to face Usyk for the undisputed world titles on February 17. However, he had to withdraw from the bout with just over two weeks’ notice due to a cut sustained in sparring.

Usyk’s manager Egis Klimas did not hold back in expressing his disdain for Fury. He branded him a “coward” and used offensive language while asserting that Fury was avoiding a showdown with the Ukrainian.

Fury retaliated during an interview on The MMA Hour, vehemently defending his reputation. He addressed Klimas, stating: “Egis, never call me coward again. I’ve had 35 professional fights and have been boxing 18 years of my life. I’ve climbed off the canvas 10 times from the biggest punchers in history to win.”

In the same interview, Fury passionately stated: “Never a coward, never backed down from any man in my life. If any man calls my wife a b**** I will take his f****ng teeth out.”

Klimas then refuted the claim, asserting: “I didn’t call your wife a b****, I don’t do that s***.”

This led Fury to backtrack, admitting: “Well I’ll apologise about that, I thought that I saw something about my wife.”

Additionally, he questioned Klimas’s accusations. He retaliated by saying: “How can you call me a coward? You’ve never boxed before in your life, how am I a coward? I’ve had 35 professional fights, I’m a two-time undefeated heavyweight champion, the second longest reigning lineal champion in history. How am I coward? Let’s see the coward.”

Having undergone 11 stitches to mend the substantial cut around his right eye, Fury faces several weeks of recovery. The anticipated bout on February 17 was canceled, with Usyk initially rumored to face a different opponent. However, Saudi Arabia quickly stepped in and reschedduled the match for May 18 in Riyadh.

Explaining the cause of the injury, Fury recounted: “It was yesterday morning sparring, I arranged to spar 12 rounds with four different guys. In round five I got an elbow in the eye, I’ve been to the hospital and got 11 stitches – nothing much anything can do about cut in sparring, s*** happens. It’s a cut that you can’t help and these things happen in camp sometimes.”