Tyron Woodley set to box Paul Bamba on Dillon Danis Misfits card

Tyron Woodley has been vocal about his desire to keep the influencer boxing gravy train coming despite the horrible defeat he suffered against Jake Paul during their second bout.

The bout was admittedly very boring up until the monumental KO that destroyed the last shred of respect MMA fandom had for him.

Since then, he’s been angling for another major payday in the pop boxing game. And while Dillon Danis snagged the big prize and got a headliner against promoter KSI, Woodley has been booked on the same card to box Paul Bamba.

Paul Bamba is a professional boxer. He made his debut at 31. He debuted against Felix Alexis Cardenas on January 9, 2021 and defeated Cardenas via 1st round TKO. Since then, he’s amounted a professional record consisting of 5 wins and 1 loss.

Bamba was previously booked to face Tommy Fury in November but that bout was cancelled. Bamba’s one loss comes by way of decision to Derrick Vann in August of this year.

Woodley hasn’t won since he d’arce choked Darren Till at UFC 228 back in 2018. He’s currently 40 years old.

Previously Woodley expressed his disdain for KSI when he discovered KSI was using him basically as a back up if the deal to face Dillon Danis were to fall throught. Danis was initially planning to box Logan Paul -however since Paul hurt his knee at a WWE event that’s been scrapped.

He first wrote: “Warned this b****! KSI, Why would you offer me a fight vs you then bail? Why would u send me a contract to b**** out and take a lesser opponent? Why would you have my name in your mouth for two years and not step up? Why do a poll of one million people, that all said fight me, and you run.”

The contract reads: “Maximum of 175lb at the official weigh-in on the day before the bout, and shall be a maximum of 185lb in the afternoon on the day of the fight. Promoter will use best endeavours to ensure the local commission administer this second weigh-in. If the boxer is overweight at either weigh-in, the promoter will be given the option to terminate the agreement and cancel the bout.”

Woodley attached the image in the tweet.

He didn’t stop there either:

“When KSI blames it on Logan Paul and his injury or budget, I have two companies that will fund the purse. Try again. I’m done talking about it. My last post on it.”