Tristan & Andrew Tate claim their charges are about stealing TikTok money from women

Tristan Tate has recently come forward to address the allegations made against him and his brother Andrew Tate. He claims that the “official story” concerning the accusations against him and his brother Andrew accuses them of taking TikTok earnings from a number of women.

In December 2022, the Tate brothers were apprehended by Romanian authorities as part of an investigation involving human trafficking, r*pe, and forming an organized crime group. During the operation, the authorities raided their Romanian residence and confiscated various items.

Following their arrest, the brothers were detained by the authorities for several months along with two women before finally being released. However, they were placed under house arrest for 30 days upon their release.

Throughout their time in custody, numerous social media accounts took up the cause of the Tate brothers and shared messages on their behalf. Now that they are back home, the brothers have resumed their streaming.

In fact, their first stream after their release had an impressive viewership of over 400,000. During this stream, they made certain claims regarding their arrests.

During the live stream, Tristan Tate took the opportunity to provide his account of the events. He said: “Here is the official story. In 2021, two years ago, my brother and I formed an organized criminal gang with the intent of moving women to Romania so we could steal money from their TikTok accounts to enrich ourselves.”

Tristan admitted to running a defunct webcam studio in the past, where women were employed. He said that there is “no link” between the incident and the present charges against him and his brother.

Referring specifically to the accusation of profiting from TikTok, Tristan asserted: “That is the narrative, that is what I have been arrested for. This is the first time publicly I can finally clear that up.”

According to Reuters, the charges against the Tate brothers and the two female suspects extend beyond the formation of an organized criminal gang and suspected human trafficking of multiple victims. They now also face accusations of r*pe.

The charges have recently been “broadened” to focus on “human trafficking in continued form.” Romanian officials consider this a far more serious offense than the original charges, potentially resulting in a prison sentence of up to 10 years.