Transgender mountain biker dominates biological women in competition

The issue of trans participation in biological women’s division is quite a hot topic. This latest case comes on the wings of World Swimming (FINA) banning all individuals who had undergone male puberty from participating in Women’s divisions.

Kate Weatherly, 20, began her transition at 17 and was somewhat mediocre in the men’s open division where she was considered an average talent.

But ever since her transition she has been raking in the medals and dominating her competitors. The New Zealander won the national championships in mountain biking in February.

Weatherly also believes that her participation in the women’s league is unproblematic. during a recent appearance on TVNZ, she’s claimed that there are bigger issues in the sport.

 ‘People talk about the fact that we’re coming in and ruining the sport, but there are way bigger issues that women in sport face,’ she said.

‘The idea that a few trans women coming into a sport and often times not even winning, that’s what is going to ruin women’s sports, is pretty horrifying.’


This is quite problematic as an attitude and ignores simple biology.

Oddly, FINA suggests a formation of a new category as to include trans athletes but this is to ‘masquerade as an inclusive policy’ as per Weatherly.

She said the rules requiring athletes to have transitioned by their 12th birthday were ‘arbitrary limits’ and said young people went through puberty at different times.

‘Some people have more testosterone during puberty than others, the length of puberty can be different,’ she said.

‘I was quite a sick kid growing up so I actually started puberty quite late, so based on age limit, how can we apply those rules in such a sweeping way.’

This kind of an attitude from a New Zealand citizen is not all that shocking considering the nation had very little to say about the participation of Laurel Hubbard in the Olympics. Hubbard famously competed in weight lifting – a sport very reliant on strength.

As for Weatherly, she believes she suffered biological and physiological disadvantages, rather than advantages, in her sport because of the transition.

This might be somewhat of a reality – considering that hormone blockers taken before the body has fully matured can have somewhat strange repercussions but that being said this is her choice.

‘I think because people are so focused on the advantages, they ignore the fact there are these disadvantages that come along with a transition,’ she said.

She told Stuff that she disagreed with a proposed gender-neutral category for transgender athletes because, in her mind, she is a woman.

‘My thing is, I’m not gender neutral. I’m a girl. The whole idea of a third category invalidates my sense of identity,’ she said.

Trans Olympian Kaitlyn Jenner condemned Weatherly, cynically adding ‘Here we go again’ to another tweet featuring info regarding Weatherly’s attitude towards competing with women.