Trans MMA pro calls out Jake Shields after twitter takes down screenshots of problematic tweets

Former Strikeforce middleweight champion Jake Shields has once again come under fire for his controversial and opinions on trans rights.

Shields is known for his twitter trolling, and engagement baiting. His recent tweets suggest that allies of the trans community should face public execution for their support.

He went so far that twitter not only deleted the tweets but also the screenshots of the tweets that were then shared in the opposing camp.

Shields’ extremist views on the transgender community have gained him a reputation. Shields referred to the trans community as “the alphabet people,” showing his complete lack of respect and understanding for individuals who identify as anything other than heterosexual.

Transgender mixed martial artist Alana McLaughlin called out Shields on Twitter for his comments.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Shields has taken aim at McLaughlin, who was at the center of a transgender athlete debate following her pro MMA debut in 2021.

Shields, along with others, believed that trans women competing against biological women results in an unfair advantage and sets a dangerous precedent for other professional sports.

Despite the ongoing debate around trans athletes and which category they should compete in, Shields’ ignorant approach to the subject is uncalled for.

Shields was previously challenged by McLaughlin following his grappling incident at the UFC PI. Shields confronted then UFC star Mike Jackson over Black power views he was sharing on twitter. The two got heated and Shields shared some of the footage online.


Alana escalated from there and went on to criticize Shields’ performance in the incident.

And then went on to share a unique challenge in the style of Dillon Danis:

While Shields is retired and on his way to becoming a full time influencer, McLaughlin is struggling to find a new opponent. According to her own social media, there’s been some interest but nothing concrete has been announced yet.