Top 10 best combat sports movies of all time

Every combat sports fan is also a sucker for a good action movie. From Jean-Claude Van Damme movies in the 80s to the nowadays hit series “Cobra-Kai”, a lot of fans gather interest in combat sports after tuning in to one of these art pieces.

With that in mind, we decided to put together a small list of combat sports movies that you can save and watch whenever you feel like it.

#10 – Enter the Dragon – 1973 (IMDB rating: 7.6)


“Enter the Dragon” is the movie that made every kid in America want to sign up for Kung Fu classes. The movie features the legendary Bruce Lee portraying a spy that has to enter a deadly martial arts tournament in order to uncover a drug cartel.


#9 – Bleed for This –  2016 (IMDB rating: 6.8)


“Bleed for This” follows the inspirational story of World Champion Boxer Vinny Pazienza (played by Miles Teller) who, after a near fatal car crash which left him not knowing if he’d ever walk again, made one of sports’ most incredible comebacks.

#8 – Blood and Bone – 2009 (IMDB rating: 6.7)


Blood and Bone is a martial arts feature starring the always talented Michael Jai White. The movie follows the story of an ex-convict taking on an underground combat world in order to fulfil a promise to a dead friend.

#7 – Cinderella Man – 2005 (IMDB rating: 8.0)


Another boxing film for this list. “Cinderella Man” is starred by the oscar-winning actor, Russel Crowe and tells the story of James J. Braddock, a boxer in the 1930s.

The movie shows how the supposedly washed-up boxer overcame all odds to become a Heavyweight champion while also dealing with the extreme poverty of the American Great Depression.

#6 – Bloodsport – 1988 (IMDB rating 6.8)


Perhaps the most iconic Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, “Bloodsport” features the story of Frank Dux, an American martial artist serving in the military, who decides to leave the army to compete in a martial arts tournament in Hong Kong where lethal matches can occur. The movie features a few of the most iconic battle scenes in cinema history.

#5 – The Karate Kid – 1983 (IMDB rating 7.3)


Keeping to the “high-school” vibes, why not bring up the all-time classic “Karate Kid”?

The movie follows the story of Daniel Larusso, a teenager who just arrived in a new town. Things do not go well for Larusso as he eventually becomes the target of high school bullies within the school. The protagonist finds a way to defend himself when he meets Mr. Myiagi, a karate master. Mr. Myiagi teaches his new student the martial art. Learning the art eventually motivates Daniel to enrol in a Karate tournament to face his school bullies.

#4 – Never Back Down – 2008 (IMDB rating 6.5)


On a lighter tone than its predecessor on this list, “Never Back Down” was never nominated for any prestigious award, but that doesn’t make it any less fun.

The movie follows the story of tells the story of Jake Tyler, a frustrated, conflicted, and very athletic teenager who arrives at a new high school and discovers an underground fight club in the area.

Despite the negative critics, the movie became so famous that it eventually became a series of movies that is alive to this day.

#3 – The Fighter – 2010 (IMDB rating 7.8)


Starring Mark Walhberg and Christian Bale, “The Fighter” is inspired by the career of former WBU light-welterweight champion Micky Ward and his brother, also former boxer, Dicky Eklund. The movie shows the battles Micky Ward had to endure, (which included dealing with his brother’s narcotics addiction), before winning the world title. Christian Bale won the academy award for best supporting actor for his portrayal of Dicky Eklund.

#2 – Warrior – 2011 (IMDB rating 8.2)


Arguably the best casting for an MMA movie ever. “Warrior” features award-winning actors Nick Nolte, Tom Hardy, and Joel Edgerton.

The movie follows a thrilling story of two brothers who enter an MMA tournament. The movie also features MMA fighters like Anthony Johnsson, Nate Marquardt, and Yves Edwards.

#1 – The Rocky Series – 1978/2006


“Rocky” is not only the movie that set Sylvester Stallone for stardom. The boxing feature is also a pioneer in its genre. The first movie of the series became the first sports movie to ever “best picture” at the academy awards.

The boxing classics against Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, and Ivan Drago are among the most memorable in cinema history.