Tony Ferguson refuses to retire: ‘I used to smile a lot more when I was competing’

Former interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson refuses to yield in the face of adversity, dispelling any notions of retirement from his combat sports career. Despite enduring a string of six consecutive defeats, his determination remains unshaken.

The latest setback occurred at UFC 291 in July, where he squared off against fellow seasoned combatant Bobby Green.

In a remarkable return to the lightweight division at UFC 291 in Utah, Tony Ferguson showcased his enduring spirit. But he was defeated in a last-minute submission loss to Bobby Green, who secured victory with a D’Arce submission in the final moments of the third round.

This defeat marked the sixth consecutive loss for Tony Ferguson. His journey has been plagued by one-sided defeats against Nate Diaz, Michael Chandler, Beneil Dariush, Charles Oliveira, and Justin Gaethje. Despite these setbacks, Ferguson remains undeterred.

Recently, Tony Ferguson boldly rejected suggestions and appeals for him to retire from his mixed martial arts career. He remains resolute in his determination to continue competing, standing up against those who advocate otherwise.

Tony Ferguson has consistently reaffirmed his commitment to the competing, emphasizing his refusal to bow out from his combat sports journey. He shared on his official X account, “I haven’t sparred good since (Edson) Barboza or (Josh) Thompson.”

Tony Ferguson’s most recent win materialized through a second-round doctor’s stoppage TKO against Donald Cerrone. This victory marked his twelfth consecutive win at 155 lbs and was a record-setting feat.

Conor McGregor has issued a threat to his long-time rival Tony Ferguson, expressing his intention to “end” Ferguson badly and highlighting their old feud.

Despite their ongoing back-and-forth exchanges and calls for a fight, a match between McGregor and Ferguson has never taken place, and due to their current career trajectories, it’s unlikely to happen.

Tony Ferguson, once a fan favorite, has experienced a decline in his career, losing his last six fights, four of which were stoppages, after a legendary 12-fight win streak and winning an interim lightweight title.

In response to Ferguson’s recent tweet about his mindset and relationship with the sport, McGregor quickly replied with a heartless threat, emphasizing that he hasn’t forgotten their history and rivalry.

McGregor’s tweet reads, “I’m gonna end you and badly. I’ve not forgot.”

The text exchange highlights the intense history and rivalry between the two , although it’s unlikely they will have a match given their current career situations.

The text raises the question of how a clash between McGregor and Ferguson would have played out in their prime.