Tony Ferguson calls out Belal Muhammad for stealing his schtick: “You will never be the Sunglasses guy”

Tony Ferguson had a long winded interview with Ariel Helwani last night. The interim lightweight champion had ranted on a variety of topics and revealed some interesting facts about himself in process.

Ferguson has been keeping out of the public eye for a long time now and is reportedly contemplating going back to school.

Among the nuggets he revealed, is that he used to play a character in how he appeared in front of the media and during fight week.

“But you know like even just being there for a lot of my fighters is something that I, I take a lot of love and a lot of pride in. Because they listen, they, they like to listen to me or they like to, I’m not gonna say jack my swag but they do.”

“You know even like Belal Muhammad, I do with just clown all the time on some of the things that I would do with like my sunglasses or like some of the names of my workouts. And now you have this dude  just like jocking the s**t out of my swag. “

“I remember we were over there, I ran into him before we were at the fight as he was wearing his sunglasses but they weren’t on yet they’re on his shirt in front of him. And uh and he’s at 170 and I’m looking at him and I’m like man that would be cool to go back up to 170. ”

You guys are slowing down. At 155 it goes a little bit quicker but he had his sunglasses  on and  than I looked at him and  was like ‘aye.’  and I said to him, I was like you used to clown sunglasses and now you’re wearing them-  he’s like ‘I’m the sunglasses guy’.”

“I was like: “You will never be the sunglasses guy,” and it  was the funniest s**t bro.”

“But since I started with tuf from wearing suits,  and then seeing GSP start to wear the suits and everybody else I got burned out I stopped doing that because I used to wear a shirt and tie at every competition for in high school, and in college, I would just do it because that was how my mom used to dress me”