Tony Ferguson believes Khamzat Chimaev Missed Weight On Purpose

Tony Ferguson had an interesting take on UFC 279.

Earlier today Dana White ridiculed both Pat Miletich and Brendan Schaub for their respective conspiracy theories regarding just how UFC 279 came to be.

Miletich suggested:

“So the UFC that is tonight is pretty interesting when you see a guy that’s wrestled his whole life, a guy from Chechnya nonetheless, miss weight by seven and a half pounds. That certainly wasn’t by accident. I’m pretty sure the card was not selling well on pay-per-view. And they told him, ‘Miss weight big so we can put you against Holland. Because this thing is not selling. We gotta shake things and cause a scene and get some attention on this card.”

And Schaub had a theory of his own:

Dana White was quick to shoot down these rumors saying:

“I mean, you know how stupid you have to be to even think something like that, let alone say it publicly and act like you’re serious… If Pat really said that, holy s**t! We might well have to send him out to the brain clinic to get him f***ing checked out.”

But one athlete featured on the card suspects that Chimaev may have played a bigger part in what transpired over the weekend.

Ferguson mentioned that Khamzat intentionally didn’t make weight during the press conference after UFC 279.

“And then you have Khamzat, purposely missing weight. I’m gonna be real, like – starting all that s*it, it could have been a facade – so he could have fu*king, just whatever.”

Ferguson’s claim might be something worth considering one fan spotted Chimaev eating at a restaurant the  night before weigh ins.