Tommy Quinn suffers nasty elbow injury at KSW 70

MMA Fighter Tommy Quinn suffered a common albeit dramatic elbow injury at KSW 70.

Quinn’s elbow dislocated when he tried to post and defend a monster throw Odzimkowski executed on him.

Odzimkowski was determined to slam him and dislocated his arm in process. This typo of injury is common in jiu jitsu and often provides graphic results.

Referee spotted the injury in time and called it before Quinn took too much damage.

Quinn appeared in good spirits afterwards and had shared video message to his supporters explaining that tonight was simply not his night.

Quinn lost in round 1 after 3 minutes of action. His Professional record now consists of 9 wins and 6 losses (1 NC). He is 32 years old.

As for, Albert Odzimkowski, he’s now moving on in the division. His record consists of 12 wins 6 losses and one no contest. The two previously fought during KSW 68 – but that time the bout was overturned due to an illegal knee.

Tomasz Bronder:

“During KSW 68 bout between Albert Odzimkowski and Tommy Quinn on March 19th 2022, the former defeated the latter after an illegal knee on the ground. Referee Gerd Richter initially recognized that the knee hit Quinn in the shoulder. However, after watching the replays from different camera angles, it is clear, that the knee hit the Irishman in the head. As a result, we have decided to change the result of Odzimkowski vs Quinn bout is changed to a no contest.”

Marc Goddard:

“The bout between Adam Odzimkowski vs Tommy Quinn at KSW 68 on March 19 shall be overturned to a no contest. At 2:45 of round 1, after a scramble where Quinn escapes half-guard to get back to his feet, Odzimkowski delivered a knee to the head of Quinn, who’s left knee was clearly planted and in contact with the canvas. Under the Unified Rules of MMA, a fighter with anything other than the soles of the feet in contact with the fighting area floor shall be considered a grounded fighter. Under the current ruling kicks and knees to the head of a grounded fighter are not permitted. It is very clear that whilst Odzimkowski threw the knee to the head of Quinn, the scramble/get up from the fighter that presented the position of being grounded and intention was not to foul. The result can be correctly over-turned to a no contest as it happened in the first round of the scheduled three round bout.”