Three-foot-tall fighter Likkleman attacks rival in nightclub ahead of MMA clash

Before their bout on a Celebrity MMA show in London, Likkleman, who is three feet tall, assaulted his rival Choon Tan. He shoved and assaulted him in a violent incident.

Likkleman, whose actual name is Aiden Henry, is 27 years old. He was born with dwarfism but has competed in boxing twice.

Recently, Likkleman started a nasty brawl with his prospective opponent Choon Tan. The two were seen fighting at a bar.


Former Love Islanders AJ Bunker and Theo Campbell were among the combatants who were present in the nightclub.

Likkleman was spotted entering the club when he saw his opponent seated in a booth only yards away. When Tan spotted his Likkleman, he leapt to his feet.

However, Likkleman rushed towards him and forced him back into his seat. He then lunged on his opponent and threw multiple blows at him.

This incident forced other event goers and security to intervene and separate the two. After Likkleman was pulled from the altercation, Tan was shown standing bemusedly away from his opponent.

The two had already fought at a press conference leading up to the event. It is evident that they have a disdain for one another.

A representative commented:

“During our Celeb MMA bootcamp in Portugal, the contestants had some down time where we were filming in a nightclub for the purpose of the upcoming TV show. The incident occurred when Likkleman decided to make his dislike for his opponent known.”

Likkleman defeated Salim Chiboub and defended his ‘Wicked N’ Bad’ championship against Wopke Booijen. He will be fighting at the OVO Wembley Arena later this month as part of a Celebrity MMA event.

After being charged with burglary, Likkleman was sentenced to prison. However, he was released in March 2019. Likkleman went on to change his life. Since then, he has gained the backing of numerous professional fighters.