Thor Bjornsson shares graphic update after tearing pectoral muscle in training

Game of Thrones star Hafthor Bjornsson known for his role as ‘The Mountain’ recently underwent surgery for a severe pectoral muscle tear. He suffered the injury while bench pressing a remarkable 252kgs as he plans to make a return to strongman competitions.

He had taken a two-year hiatus from competition to give boxing a try, but his effort at a comeback was marred by the horrible injury. The 34-year-old was writhing in agony as he tore his pectoral muscle from the bone while trying to surpass his all-time personal best weight of 252.5kg.

Despite the setback, Bjornsson has been actively documenting his recovery on social media. He also shared some graphic images from his surgery.

On Wednesday, he wrote on his Instagram: “I’m 4 weeks post surgery. Sadly I got an infection 5 days ago resulting in an abscess and had to have a drainage tube inserted. Finally had that removed today. Swipe to see the length of it!”

He then posted a number of photos taken before, during, and after the procedure. A gruesome picture showed him having a drainage tube pulled from his body. In a different picture, he was patched up with a large scar running from his pectoral to his shoulder.

Instagram images from the past revealed the full extent of the damage and the bruises brought on by the rupture. Expressing his gratitude, Hafthor Bjornsson thanked his fans for their unwavering support during this challenging time.

He acknowledged the numerous kind messages and the outpouring of love he has received. Despite the setback, Bjornsson remains optimistic, viewing it as a temporary obstacle. He assured his followers that he will emerge from this experience stronger and more determined than ever.

He wrote: “Thank you all for the support, kind messages and love during these challenging times ahead. It really means the world to me. This is just a challenge and a small setback. I’ll come back stronger. Peace and love, Hafthor.”

In March 2022, Bjornsson faced Eddie Hall after competing in three exhibition matches.

Following his successful boxing match against Hall, Bjornsson engaged in talks for a highly anticipated bout with Tyson Fury. However, negotiations eventually fell through and he made the decision to shift his focus back to strongman competitions.